Turix Boutique Condos: Premier Living in Puerto Morelos


  • Elevator
  • Exclusive rooftop
  • Lobby
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Sky bar
  • Sunbathing areas


Welcome to Turix Boutique Condos, above all, a paragon of exclusivity and sophistication in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This residential project is a modest yet luxuriant 13-unit architectural marvel, proffering not only an intimate but also a unique living experience for its dwellers. Accordingly, your search for an ideal home or investment opportunity ends here.

Distinctive Highlights of Turix Boutique Condos

Prioritizing premier living, these luxury Condos boast world-class features and a convenient location. Let's unravel the exciting aspects of these condos, all things considered.

Dimensions, Rooms, and Cost

Each condo unit spreads over an area of 43.81 m2, comprising both a comfortable bedroom and a plush bathroom. The asking price for such luxurious comfort stands competitively at $3,787,460 pesos.

Year of Construction, Parking, and Possession

Designed and constructed in 2023, these condos epitomize contemporary architectural elegance. Additionally, we cater to the safety of your vehicle with convenient parking facilities. Unquestionably, the pre-sale of these condos has already been initiated, and the delivery is scheduled for April 2024.

Lifestyle and Amenities at Turix Boutique Condos

Turix Boutique Apartments challenge the traditional definition of luxury, offering an array of unmatched amenities.

Lobby, Elevator, and Rooftop Pool

The grandeur of the lobby warmly welcomes you home, while the elevator ensures effortless access to all floors. The rooftop pool allows for tranquil swims with panoramic views of the mesmerizing ocean.

Sun Deck, Bar, and Parking

The sun deck is a perfect spot to bask in the Mexican sunshine. The bar provides a space to relax with a diverse selection of rejuvenating drinks, and the secure parking guarantees the safety of your vehicle.

Private Garden on the Ground Floor

If you're a nature enthusiast, the private garden is a peaceful retreat within your residence, offering serenity amidst urban living.

Location of Turix Boutique Condos

Situated on Av. Rafael Melgar, the most desirable avenue in Puerto Morelos, Turix Condos provide unobstructed views of the sea for most units.

Why Choose Turix Boutique Condos?

If you aspire for a lifestyle balancing serenity with vitality, Turix Boutique Condos are, without a doubt, your ideal choice.

Tranquil Lifestyle

Embrace the peace that comes with a beachside residence. Your new home is just a short stroll from the city's gastronomic delights and shopping areas, striking an unquestionable and perfect balance between comfort and indulgence.

Vibrant Lifestyle

Puerto Morelos, a vibrant city with diverse cultural offerings, ensures you will never run out of engaging activities.


Turix Boutique Condos undoubtedly represent an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking either personal sanctuary or an Airbnb real estate investment. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the condos be delivered?

  • At this point, the condos are expected to be ready for possession by April 2024.

Are the condos near the beach?

  • Indeed, most units offer an unrestricted view of the sea.

What amenities are provided at Turix Boutique Condos?

  • The condos are equipped altogether with a range of amenities including a grand lobby, an elevator, a rooftop pool, a sun deck, a bar, and secure parking.